Positioned for Blessing

It is vital we take up certain essential positions in life that we may have a life of significance, purpose and meaning!

This course will help to clarify and restore your identity and destiny in God, which has so often been robbed through a lack of blessing from parents, generational bondages, curses and undesirable life patterns.
We can experience freedom and blessing – it’s our birthright!!!!


This course is recommended to every person and should be considered at least once in your lifetime.  Ideally the younger you are the better, but rest assured this course caters for all ages.

Anyone looking to create an atmosphere of harmony, trust, joy & peace and freedom in their lives and relationships.

Have a look at this check list. Do you have any of these issues presenting in your life?

Shame Irritability
Judgment Arrogance
Lust Withdrawal (absence of love)
Sexual Immorality Mess / Chaos
Idolatory & Witchcraft (dissention) Hopeless / Fearful
Harshness & Anger Hatred / Discord
Rejection Fits of Rage & Drunkenness
Fault  Finding (not good enough) Lies, Ridicule & Deception

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any one of these issues then this course will help you!

These issues cause turmoil, hurt and pain in your life and relationships around you.

Whatever your situation, this course will equip you with life skills and practical tools needed to deal with issues in the correct way and position you to live a life of significance, purpose and meaning.


Upper Room venue at El Shaddai Ministries buildings Durbanville (map)


06 – 08 May 2021


Thursday & Friday evening from 18h30 to 21h30 and all day Saturday from 08h30 to 15h30.

How much:

R450 per person for the entire course (includes a workbook and lunch on Saturday).

How to register:

Click here to register online.

NOTE: If registration is closed but you are interested in this course, please email us your details at info@fcd.org.za 


“I’ve been showed areas where my subconscious harboured past thoughts, conceptions and opinions of self that were destructive in my life. Whilst not everything has been finalized, I have very definitely made a start.”

Janine – Port Elizabeth

“Given me new & renewed perspective of who I am and who I need to be to others. It has truly been a life-changing experience.

Michael – Port Elizabeth

“I have been delivered from anger and rejection and have received a financial breakthrough.”

Ben – Port Elizabeth

More about the course and what to expect...

What can I expect?

A great atmosphere that is open, encouraging and fun. Courses are run in a comfortable venue, co-ordinated by our warm and friendly facilitators.

Each session has a coffee break with something to eat and drink, giving you space to relax and chat to other participants.  Lunch is served on Saturday.

Practical teaching sessions that are informative and fun, played on DVD.

Small group ministry time led by trained facilitators who are there to serve you. They are mature people of good character and whose lives are dedicated to helping others.

Time to discuss the challenges you are facing and receive ministry. However, you will not be required to share anything about your life you prefer not to. Every part of the course is optional, including contributing to the small group discussions.

Session topics:

  •  Critical times of blessing in our developmental years
  • What is ruling over your life (kingdom positioning)
  • Strongholds and their effects
  • Positioned in shame or honour
  • Positioned in judgment or forgiveness
  • Positioned in sonship
  • Positioned through sowing and reaping
  • Receiving the Father’s blessing for your life
  • Positioned for a new inheritance and success

 Why do the Course?

This course positions us correctly for life so that you can live a life of significance, purpose and meaning. It also addresses and helps us deal with turmoil, hurt and pain experienced in life.

  • This course will help to clarify and restore your identity and destiny in God, which has so often been robbed through a lack of blessing from parents, generational bondages, curses and undesirable life patterns.
  • No matter what circumstances you have grown up in or experienced, through this course you can experience freedom and blessing—it’s your birthright!
  • Help will be given to position yourself “in blessing” and “to become a blessing” to others
  • Healing will be brought to your life where there has been brokenness or a wounded heart
  • You will be helped to stop generational strongholds and curses that we have received, from being passed on to our children
  • Restoration and healing of relationships within the family, e.g. husband-wife, parent-child, etc.
  • God will restore your identity through the impartation of the “Father’s” blessing
  • You will receive new purpose and meaning to your life