The Evergreen Parenting Course

with Hettie Brittz

Join us on a journey to address various Parenting needs. Understand your child, regain your authority and receive practical discipline advice for babies to teenagers!

This seminar was developed by Hettie Brittz, author of well know books “Growing Kids with Character” and “Growing Kids through Healthy Authority”.

Become part of a group of parents who share their parenting joys and fears in 2020. Evergreen’s passion is for the restoration and empowerment of families, to help them find the truths that create wholeness and freedom. Come with us on a journey to a happier family life!
We will meet once a month on a Sunday afternoon, have a light meal together while we talk through, wrestle with, think, pray and work through a new theme each month.
An Evergreen Club differs from an Evergreen course, although the same material is covered. A course is run over a weekend or over 6-8 weeks and you receive a workbook. With a club, you will be getting much more. A club is run over 10 months to enable you to apply as much as possible of what you have learned. We also want to give you as much resources as possible so you will receive an Evergreen Product (CD, DVD, book or discipline product) each month with practical tips to apply at home, and in this way make a difference right down into the roots of your family.
This course is presented by a facilitator with the aid of the Evergreen Parenting DVD series.


This course is ideal for parents with children between the ages of baby to teenagers. You will learn to regain your authority, understand your child better and receive practical discipline advice.


El Shaddai Ministries, Lord’s Walk, Durbanville


To be announced


A once off registration fee of R250 to book your place and purchase the manual; and then

R300 per person / R500 per couple each month (includes a light lunch) which is paid to the course facilitator.

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More information about the Course and Topics covered

For more details about the content, visit the Evergreen webpage here.

Feedback about the Evergreen Parenting course:

“A fantastic course that excited me, gave me so much hope in bringing my family together in a positive way. I will be forever grateful to Hettie and off course Jenine, for coming into my life at such an important time with this course. If every parent did this course, and followed through after the course, I truly believe we would have children who are happier, confident, more disciplined and content with who they are.”

“Ek het so baie uitgemis op my kind se lewe, en het hom so baie pret ontneem omdat ek so streng was. Ek moes leer om te relax en hom die vryheid te gee wat hom toekom.”

“Ek het so baie geleer en ek is so dankbaar. Die kursus het my kind se lewe gered want hy gaan nou ‘n ouer hê wat hom verstaan vir wie en wat hy is.”

“This is really a fantastic course and I wish I could have done it a lot earlier in my life.”