Christian Ministry Training

(Pursuit of Spiritual Freedom in Christ)



The Family Centre no longer runs the Basic Christian Counselling Course and instead offers a discipling training course as a way to healing.

Pursuit of Spiritual Freedom in Christ, is a Biblically-based discipling ministry which helps hurting people, leading them into restoration, healing and freedom in Christ.

Ministry occurs through discipling during which the person or married couple seeking help will gain a good understanding of themselves, identify and deal with spiritual root causes of their problems and be lead into walking in the Father’s love and the Holy Spirit.

This course facilitates the training of people interested in discipling hurting people along the lines of Pursuit of Spiritual Freedom in Christ. The training will occur in groups of 6-8 people. It is a 10 week training programme during which trainees are taught how to disciple others and will themselves be discipled during the training. The contents of the training programme is –

  • Learning how to disciple others
  • Personality, culture and upbringing
  • Godly roles in marriage
  • Bloodlines, blessings and curses
  • Hurts, forgiveness and judgement
  • Self-talk, lies and strongholds
  • Understanding and receiving the Father’s love
  • Spirit to spirit connection
  • Learning to live a balanced life


El Shaddai Christian Ministry Buildings (map)

Training is offered to various churches or NGOs by prior arrangement. Email


To be announced


18h45 – 21h30


R500 per person or R800 per couple (Incl. a manual & workbook per person and refreshments each week) as well as security in the parking area.

NOTE:  Each registered applicant will be interviewed by the course facilitators before the start of the course. This will also give you the chance to clarify anything about the course. It is best to do this BEFORE registering and paying for the course. Email to schedule your interview.


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Registrations close on 09 February 2020

NOTE: If registration is closed but you are interested in this course, please email us your details at