What is SOZO?

SOZO is a Greek word used 110 times in the New Testament and translated either ‘saved’, ‘’healed’ or ‘delivered.’

Bethel Sozo ministry at Family Centre Durbanville is a unique inner healing and deliverance ministry aimed to get to the root of things that are hindering your personal connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Getting that connection restored means you can walk in your God-given destiny.


Romans 10:9 “That if you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead you shall be saved (sozo).”


Matthew 9:22 “But Jesus turning and seeing her said ‘Daughter take courage your faith has made you well (sozo) and at once the woman was made well (sozo).”


Luke 8:36 “And those who had seen it reported to them how the man who was demon-possessed had been made well (sozo).”

Personal SOZO: 

By appointment only.

What to expect:  

A Sozo session may last up to 2 hours. It is facilitated by
2 people, trained and released to be in the Sozo team.
One person will lead the session, while the other person intercedes.

It is a gentle, Holy Spirit-led interaction between you and
the Godhead, facilitated by the team leader. 

It is not counselling. It is not prayer ministry.

You will encounter the Godhead in a new way and Holy Spirit
will gently reveal the wounds and lies and skewed perceptions
that have formed barriers and strongholds which keep you away from your victory and the joy of an intimate relationship with Father God.

The moment lies are exchanged for truths, healing occurs.
The enemy loses 
ground and is forced to relinquish strongholds. 

It is normal for people to come into a Sozo session nervous
or anxious, not feeling very close to God. It is quite normal
for people to leave a Sozo session wondering why they were
anxious and firmly connected to Father!


Family Centre Durbanville at El Shaddai Christian Church,
Lords walk, Durbanville


FREE, but donations are welcome.


Download the application form here


Complete the online application here

Personal SOZO Testimonies: 

Question:  Did you experience a personal breakthrough during the SOZO?

“Yes. Acceptance.  Seeing myself move closer to Father God,  physically seeing Him.”

“Yes. Connected. Revelation about  bloodline stuff.  I feel more free and feel released in my spirit.”

[MALE] “Yes.  It is amazing how Father God fights on
my behalf and the Holy Spirit reveals the truth through
the simple process of Sozo.”

“Yes. Closed open doors I was unaware of.
Broke down walls I was unaware of.”

[MALE] “Yes. Dealing with heart stuff and awakening.”

“Helps you to sense things that you thought you dealt with
 in the past, to deal with now.  SOZO is like a vine that seeks,
finds and deals 
with things gently.”

“What I experienced was I was loved, worthy and definitely
chosen for a purpose.  Esther, 
to serve and help others.
It was truly 
amazing to release all my negative ‘truths”
& shame. “

“Yes.  I realise that I have always believed that I cannot hear
God and that I am not worthy.  But He has shown me that He
is within me and loves me. Thank you for taking the time to
sit with me. Highly recommended.”

[MALE] “Yes. Breakthrough with anger issues.”

“Yes.  I feel lighter.  I walked in with a clouded mind & a
troubled spirit.  God answered, guided and lifted the cloud,
provided answers & peace and also encouraged me
to spend more time with Him on His lap.  Grateful for His
words and the gifts and pictures.  Life changing. Highly

Question: How would you describe the fruit of this ministry time? 

“Bevestiging dat SOZO wonderbaarlike bevryding
bring vir die wat wil volluit lewe tot eer van die koninkryk
van God.”
“Peace, joy, love, HOPE.”
“Peaceful, close to MY LORD.  Beautiful experience.  Thank you. Highly recommended.”
“It is a valuable ministry of self discovery and understanding
of how God is intimately involved in all areas.  I love how He wants to clean out even the littlest cause of concern in my life.”
“I appreciate the time that these ladies have invested.  God bless them.  I want to soar where Jesus wants to use me. Highly recommended.”
“Empowering and enlightening.  I got much more than I came for.Great way to move on and grow. Highly recommended.”
“Absolutely amazing.  Release from fear is freedom indeed!!!  Highly recommended”
“Phenomenal time.  So much inner healing and restoration. Highly recommended.”
“An absolute necessity for all Christians – no matter what your maturity level.”

Financial SOZO: 

It is not in Father God’s plan that anyone struggles with resources or provision.

To put it another way: It is in-congruent with God’s character that His people should battle to have their daily needs met, or live in fear of ‘not having enough’.

If you find yourself living in terror of month-ends, of making payroll or you find yourself in a feast-and-famine cycle which somehow you cannot escape, then a Financial Sozo may be the answer.

In a Financial Sozo session you will: 

  • Cut the roots of financial bondage,
  • Learn the wisdom of Christ in your finances
  • Receive the financial breakthrough available to everyone.


Download the application form here


Complete the online application here

Financial SOZO Testimonies: 

“My view about my business’ progress was made clear through a vision about a garden with small sprouts coming out and looking like a promising harvest.  The ministry time was refreshing and releasing.  Highly recommended.”

Amazing!  Feel free! Highly recommended.


“Never wrestle with a pig. 

You both get dirty… and the pig likes it.”

History of Bethel Sozo: 

The Bethel Sozo Ministry was birthed in Bethel Church, Redding, California in 1997 after the healing evangelist, Randy Clark’s ministry team taught prayer servants in Bethel Church, a 10 step deliverance tool that was used very effectively by Pablo Botari in the revivals in Argentina. 

Dawna de Silva used this tool very successfully in the prayer line and out of that was birthed Bethel Sozo Ministry, with the covering of Beni Johnson, the prayer Pastor of Bethel Church.  The Ministry expanded to many nations and IBSO was created for the development of leaders and the further distribution of Bethel Sozo Ministry. In the process, Regional Directors have been appointed in many countries.

The Regional Director for Africa is Carina Boshoff.  Deon & Carina Boshoff completed the first year of BSSM (Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry) at Bethel in Redding, where she was introduced to SOZO.  When they returned to South Africa, June 2010, she and her friend, Ilse de Waal,  started a Sozo ministry in Knysna.  They attended a year of internship at Bethel a year later and were released by Dawna de Silva & 

Teresa Liebscher to be the contacts for Bethel Sozo in South Africa.

Carina was appointed Regional Director in 2012 to represent the International Bethel Sozo Organization (IBSO). Her goal is to preserve the heart and DNA of Bethel Sozo ministry. She also provides support to new Sozo ministry teams through training, mentoring and ministering. Many Churches have embraced the core values of Bethel Church and there are ± 50 South African SOZO teams – up and running or in the process of getting established. Sub-Directors have been appointed in other regions of South Africa to assist Carina.


Deon and Carina are members of The Island Church, in Knysna. The church is connected to Bethel Church’s heart and is part of Partners in Harvest.
Family Centre Durbanville, with the covering of El Shaddai Christian Church in Durbanville, keeps to the Bethel Sozo Ministry guidelines to preserve it’s integrity and purity.

Please complete the form below, if you  have any questions regarding this ministry and we will get back to you.