Bringing Hope, Help and Healing to Every Family

Areas of Support

Grief and Loss

For those who have experienced the loss of loved ones, Grief Share is a support group that will help to work through the experience. During holidays we also have Surviving the Holidays to provide the care and encouragement needed during this difficult time. 


Going through a divorce is never an easy experience. We have a number of resources and support groups for couples considering or going through divorce, as well as a support group for the children of divorce. Read more about our support for divorce here.

Single and Parenting

For those who are single parents of children, we have a course that is run around a support group with others going through a similar experience. View more about our Single and Parenting support group here.

Support groups are DVD based courses presented by well known experts in their respective fields of expertise. These are combined with group discussion sessions with people going through situations. It is a special time allowing participants to talk about the content of the course and how they are dealing with the difficulties of their own situation.